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Homemade Jam Just Like Grandma

My grandparents had a 10 acre apple orchard in Vernon so when I was small I would spend my summers out there. My grandma also had a few extra fruit trees in her yard and from that she would fruit leathers, cakes and jams. I remember the water canner going like crazy all summer. I guess we took for granted homemade jam made with fresh fruits. Now that I have my own orchard, I have added fresh homemade jams to the list of items we carry. All of the fruit used in our jam (with the exception of pineapple) are grown at the orchard from apricots to peaches, blackberries, mulberries, raspberries, pears, and plums. All of our jellies are made from juicing our own fruits like the apples and grapes and those bits of spice come from our own habaneros and jalapenos. We are really proud that we get to provide a product that is literally made from the fruits of our labor, nothing is imported or bought at the store. With this, we also get to bring you jam at a price that is economic for your family but still all of the love that goes into making it. We do it the old fashioned way, small batched, in the water canner, just like grandma did. We hope that you love our jams and the fact that you know exactly where the fruit is coming from!

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