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Bring on 2023!

Whenever I get to the end of the year I quickly realize how much I failed to post learnings and successes along the way. in 2022, we lost ~80% of our crop due to a late frost last April which was devastating as we had just begun to pick up steam with customers and product. It was hard to tell people we did not have what they were looking for this year. What we did have we sold out of quickly thanks to the support of the community. We grew our beehives to 40 but had devastating losses due to an abnormal wasp population which left us with half our hives going into winter. However, that all comes with farming I guess, you take the good with the bad and are hopeful you are able to move forward.

With 2022 behind us we are going into 2023 with a positive attitude and hoping for wonderful weather and less wasps. We have continued to grow our product supply with new jams, pie fillings, candles, soaps and honey, all of which we are thankful sells out very fast, so thank you everyone for your support. We are small batching all of our products and do custom orders for all seasons. We have added garlic to our product base this year as over 200 bulbs were planted in the fall of 2022. My goal this year is to keep the website updated as best as possible ha!

We are also adding a new discount for members of the Lakeview Heights Community Association. All members receive 10% of all product so head over to and sign up! Its a 20.00 fee that covers 3 years so well worth the price and you can get to know your neighbors!

So bring on 2023, we look forward to serving you this year!

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