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The Art of Soap Making

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I always am looking to learn something new, I am not sure I ever let my brain slow down and just take a break. I have just come to learn that about myself and those around me do their best to support every endeavor with as much enthusiasm as I do but mostly it is with an " oh boy, here we go". I wanted to try soap making for a couple of reasons, 1) As I may have mentioned before I feel I was born in the wrong decade or maybe just the wrong lifetime but making things myself or growing things myself feels good. I know what we have put into it and I never need to question using it. With how fast paced life is now, it is a true gift to be able to actually do these things and not be running to the store for every item. 2) I went to a local craft market and found homemade soaps going for 10 per BAR. I mean I love soap as much as the next person but I just didn't want to spend that much on a bar of craft soap for myself. So, I decided to try making my own. I ordered a few books, stocked all my supplies and went to work. I never made fancy top with flowers and sprinkles because, well, for me, I don't like being in the shower and flowers and sprinkles falling all over the place. I just wanted a simple, quality bar of soap! Apparently, so do many others. Now don't get me wrong, those soaps made by the artsy crafters are beautiful and you are going to buy an amazing quality product that looks amazing so I do not want to say anything negative about what they make. But, these soaps you showcase in your bathroom, that is what all of my friends do and it is what I do, we never use them! I want you to use these soaps and enjoy them, I don't want them sitting on your shelf. All of the soaps are palm free and I use high quality oils, butters and essential oils.

I wanted to make a line of soaps that is in line with what we are growing here. You can find Lavender, Carrot, Warm Apple. Shea Butter with Honey, Honey and Bee Pollen (yes, we use our own honey) and a lot more. We have soaps that are scented and soaps that are unscented, soaps with natural coloring and soaps with colored clays. We think we have something for everyone. Heck, we even carry Shampoo Bars and Beard Bars. Every step of having this orchard has been a learning and this is just another one of those learnings. Every time I look at what we grow here I wonder how else I can use the materials we have to make something.

My dream is to go back to as many natural and homemade products as we can and get away from all the chemicals we put in and on our bodies everyday.

I hope you will stop by in the spring and take a look at our new line of soaps. If there is a soap that catches your eye that you would like earlier, just let me know. I can make it for you but understand that these soaps cure for at least 4 weeks to make sure you get a long lasting bar!

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